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About Jindo Ranch

Jindo Ranch began with 2 pure-bred Jindos who were handpicked and brought from Jindo Island in Korea. Their litter would later become the first generation of the Jindo Ranch. Over the years, we have gone back to Korea a few times to select a few purebreds with excellent Jindo qualities. This has paved the way for the rich, diverse quality Jindo genes on our ranch.

We allow our Jindos to roam freely on approximately 5 acres. Our first Ranch which we lost due to the rapid expansion of the city of McAllen was actually almost double that size. Please view our photos! There are some breeders out there who are like car salesmen when it comes to selling dogs.

Jindo Dogs

As a Korean American born in the states, I can confidently and proudly say that our Jindo Ranch was established in order to protect the pure gene pool of the Jindo as the Jindos on Jindo Island itself are becoming lower quality due to exportation of all “good” gened puppies. We’ve excluded ourselves in McAllen, TX in order to protect our dogs and hope to find responsible owners who would carry on the breed!

In addition to several newspaper publications, we have been fortunate enough to be specially recognized by documentary film produced by a major network in Korea.  (View Documentary Video)